Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1 unsmooth Google Apps deployment at LAPD

Read the story reported Mark Weingerger at TalkingCloud

New guide for selecting Hosted Data Center

Bell Canada, the major Canadian phone company is now providing Cloud services ranging from Google Apps to Hosting.  They just published a guide for selecting Hosting Data Denters.
The questions to ask they raise are worth discussing with a candidate Hosted Service Provider.
The guide divides the process of assessing a data centre service provider into five key criteria: 
  • Power
  • Scalability of infrastructure and services
  • Certification
  • Security
  • Service level agreements
Each section includes a series of key questions we recommend you ask about the offerings of hosted data centre providers. Answering these questions will help you more fully evaluate potential service providers by gaining insights into their levels of service and support.
Requires registration: GuideHostedDataCentres_EN.pdf

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mobile SaaS Set to Boom among SMB Customers

There is room for the small player and Managed Software Provides in the Mobile Saas field.  Our key advantages are proximity to the client, and understanding of their culture and practices.

"Strategy Analytics recommends that mobile operators take advantage of SMBs’ growing interest in mobile SaaS. But why should giant telcos have such a potentially lucrative market to themselves, especially when they typically serve the hosted technology needs of much larger customers?
MSPs with an SMB specialty have numerous advantages over telcos, including faster response time to problems, more individualized attention to clients, a better understanding of SMB culture and business practices, and a scale of operations generally more conducive to working with a smaller client.

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Top Ten File Management Mistakes

From Syncplicity, Cloud Storage provider. Their solution integrates well with Google Apps.

"For all the things that computers allow us to get done faster, document management and file management – or more precisely, the lack thereof – is one aspect of computer use that can really slow you down, especially without the right file management software solution in place."

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Five Best Practices for Successful Cloud Deployments and Pitfalls to Avoid

In summary, the five best practices for successful cloud deployments include:

  • Understand what you want from the cloud.
  • Realize that success or failure in the cloud isn't measured by SLAs.
  • Focus on the end-user experience on the other side of the cloud.
  • Ensure the cloud can deliver high-quality experiences in key geographies.
  • Manage the cloud as part of a fully integrated, "front-to-back" approach that identifies and fixes faulty components in the application delivery chain, before end users are even aware a problem exists.

Source: Five Best Practices for Successful Cloud Deployments and Pitfalls to Avoid from

New OpenNebula Screencast Series | Cloud Computing Journal

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Microsoft Study Suggests Office 365 Brings 300 Percent ROI

"The study, conducted by respected research firm Forrester, interviewed seven SMBs who made the Office 365 switch and used that data to "[create] a composite midsize organization based on the experience of these organizations," according to the Microsoft blog entry. "

From Microsoft Study Suggests Office 365 Brings 300 Percent ROI via TalkinCloud by Matthew Weinberger on 10/14/11